Concrete Driveway Resurfacing in Boise, ID

BBS Imaging, LLC. Can provides your concrete driveway a resurfacing that rejuvenates aging and damaged pavement. Throughout the Treasure valley, homeowners are discovering salt and ice melt damages their driveways.  You no longer need to settle for spalling, crumbling, wholes, cracks, and chipping, but enjoying smooth, attractive concrete surfaces on their beautiful properties.

Concrete Resurfacing Adds Value to Your Property

Cracking, brittle concrete surfaces bring down a home’s value and make it difficult to enjoy recreational outdoor space. Our resurfacing services will make your concrete smooth again.

As experienced concrete specialists have been in the concrete business for over 40 years. Choosing BBS Imaging, LLC. means choosing to invest in your property’s worth. To learn more about our concrete resurfacing services, contacts us today.

Before you spend the time and energy to rip and replace your driveway, give us a call.   We have solutions even for the toughest HOA’s out there.   We can provide your driveway with a new finish, that will give your driveway a look and feel of “NEW” for a faction of the cost.